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Sales in the 3rd Millennium

Sales in the 3rd Millennium

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70% van de buying journey gebeurt online - Ja of neen ?

70% van de buying journey gebeurt online - Ja of neen ?

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Taking Sales to a Higher Level


This session will only to be trained in English.

Duration: 2 days. You can then consult the consultant for advice for two months.

1 Differentiate between Management and Leadership:

  • A Management anthology
  • Limits of main styles: autocratic / participative / responsibility-sharing
  • What is a good leader
  • Case study introduction: company X Film

2 Assess each colleague's capabilities:

  • What makes up “determination”
  • How to assess the “resources” related to a task
  • The diagnostic for each person’s capabilities
  • Identify  different employees profiles: a motivated beginner, a reticent able, a keen experienced, a competent worried, a committed expert
  • The leadership needs associated with each profile

3 Indentify one's personal leadership style:

  • The 3 main leadership styles: Supervising / Coaching / Mentoring
  • The 5 associated behaviours: Advisor, Motivator, Trainer, speaking Partner, Mentor
  • Measure your personal efficacy
  • Understand the need for better leadership

4 Adapting one’s style to each profile:

  • The right directive / encouraging rapport
  • Help people express their leadership expectations
  • Select the appropriate leadership style
  • How to develop flexibility
  • Be able to communicate using the chosen leadership style
  • Mix different styles depending on the task to be accomplished
  • Handle sensitive situations

The investment for these twe day will be 1970 euros, excl. VAT. Lunch and coffee are included.